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Dollar Rent A Car

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Online: Dollar.com 
Call Dollar Rent A Car: (800) 800-4000 & use CD 3029104

7% off Dollar Rent A Car Online Car Rental Reservations with CD # 3029104

NSSA - NSCA is proud to offer this Dollar coupon code CD # 3029104 for an additional 7% off Dollar Rent a Car prices to both business and individual members.

Rental car companies, a concept that began in 1910 in Nebraska when a man by the name of Joe Saunders lent out his Ford Model T for 10 cents a mile to local and visiting businessmen, is now an industry with a 34 billion dollar annual revenue. Rental cars are depended upon by millions of people throughout the world to commute when they otherwise wouldn't have a means by which to get to their destination. Today, a long way from that first Ford Model T car rental, the selection of rental cars available is vast, including several different levels of automobiles from very basic to high-end cars. There is truly a rental car for any possible need a business or individual can conceive, including the large sedan or SUV to give more room between you and your boss on your next business trip.

About Dollar Rent A Car and How to Use Dollar Corporate Code CD # 3029103

The car rental industry is one of great magnitude, but some rental car companies provide better values than others. Dollar Rent a Car is one of the largest car rental companies in the world, and is partnered with NSSA - NSCA to offer a 7% discount on already low prices with Dollar Corporate Code CD # 3029104. Reserving a rental car is easier than ever, particularly with Dollar Rent a Car, offering two fast ways to book, which are online and via telephone. Online booking is simple, just go to Dollar.com and enter Dollar Corporate Code CD# 3029104, the search results will already have the 5% discount fares for each vehicle deducted from the price. Telephone booking is just as simple by calling (800) 800-4000; mention Dollar coupon code CD# 3029104 to apply the 7% discount to the already reasonable prices.

Reserving a car with Dollar Rent a Car is a simple process, which is no surprise, based on the sheer size of the company. Dollar Rent a Car, founded in Los Angeles, California in 1966, the company originally went by the name "Dollar a Day Rent A Car." Ever since the company’s beginning, value forthe customer has been a cornerstone to their business model. Dollar Rent a Car, originally starting out with a fleet of manual transmission Volkswagen Beatles having no air conditioning, has one of the largest fleets in the industry today. The company now has over 625 locations in over 50 countries worldwide, with just over half of those locations being in the United States and Canada. Dollar Rent a Car is a reliable choice no matter the location, and now this choice is even more affordable with a 7% discount.